Kat Kerr at Jubilee in San Jose

Kat Kerr is a delightful, holy Christian who has been taken to heaven multiple times.  Near the bottom of this page you will see a link to her message at Jubilee.  Before that you will see a few excerpts from that message.



God sent us grace so that we could be free from sin, not so that we could freely sin.  You have no power over the enemy if you are freely sinning.  Besides that, if you are holy, you can have more fun than anyone.

Watch the YouTube excerpt about grace.


The Rapture

Don’t expect any rapture to take place until several Biblical prophecies have taken place. For instance, the wealth of the wicked has to be given to the righteous. Christians have to be know for their love for each other. Hear Kat Kerr discuss these points and more.

Watch the YouTube excerpt about the rapture.

Witty Inventions

The Lord will start giving His children more witty inventions. So, start asking for them. Watch to hear what Kat Kerr has to say about what the Lord has in store for His children.

 The Holy Trinity

The Holy Spirit, Jesus and The Father are all spirits. They have the ability to blend with each other to become one. Then they can separate. Listen to Kat Kerr as she explains The Trinity.


Watch Kat Kerr’s entire message at the Jubilee church.

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    I MEAN

    In the heaven, will we still be married with our spouses or we’ll be free to relation with other PEOPLE?

    Thank you!

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