Joshua Mills and the Glory of God

Joshua MillsIt’s interesting how we all seem to have a different combination of spiritual gifts.  For instance, when Joshua Mills teaches and worships, it attracts Heaven and the Glory comes down.


Healings come, and tangible peace, often with signs like heavenly gold dust.  Joshua says the same atmosphere belongs in your home!


When Joshua Mills was a kid, he took a few piano lessons. His teacher told his mother to stop the lessons because he would never learn the piano. Many years later the Holy Ghost taught Joshua how to play.  Watch the video below.

His music has a special anointing on it. A woman in a coma listened to Joshua Mills music all one night. The next morning she was out of the coma. Soon she was walking around.  Watch the video below to hear more of the story.

Once Joshua Mills got into an elevator to go down. Three other people were already there. He had no gold on him when he entered the elevator. He was soon covered from head to toe with gold dust. He told the people that this was an act of God and that Jesus loved them. By the time they got to the lobby, all 3 people were saved.

Joshua Mills and a group of people were experiencing the Glory of God. One of the people owned a bakery and he got a download of precisely how to make a particular gourmet pastry. It became one of his new products.

Listen to the entire interview between Sid Roth and Joshua Mills.

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