Get Healthier with Daniel’s Ten-day Diet

Jordan RubinThe Bible give 10 commandments, a number of suggestions and a number of examples of people showing us how to have a more successful life.  One such person was Daniel.  He eventually became a life-changing example for Jordan Rubin.

6’1″ Jordan Rubin was 104 pounds and was battling 19 illnesses including Crohn’s disease.  He cried out to God..  He embraced Bible-based nutrition and thrived! Later, working missions in India, God showed Jordan three ancient biblical secrets to health, wisdom and intimacy with God.  Watch the video below.

Jordan Rubin had been a healthy 180 pound young man with a 6”1” frame. After he got those 19 different diseases, he went down to 104 pounds and spent two years in a “living hell.” He prayed and God heard his prayer.

After following this diet for just 10 days, people ate themselves to better health. By eating these special foods, they were able to detoxify and lose up to 24 pounds. They were able to walk into greater wisdom, favour, health & prosperity.

Jordan Rubin has 3 principles of eating for himself: 1. Eat only what God created for food 2. Eat all food in a form that is healthy for the body 3. Don’t make any food or drink your idol.

Daniel would not eat the king’s rich food for 10 days. He would eat only pulse and water. Pulse is anything that, when placed in the ground, will reproduce. So, he was a vegetarian for 10 days. He would also pray 3 times a day. Supernatural things happened to his body, mind and spirit.

Jordan Rubin eats little or no breakfast, a small lunch and the main meal at dinner time. He cites 3 benefits of this lifestyle: 1. You’ll be leaner 2. Your brain will work better 3. You’ll be healthier.

Foods to choose from during the 10 day diet

Leafy greens
Sunflower, sesame & pumpkin seeds
Coconut kefir
Raw yogurt, kefir cheese
Watermelon & cantelope
Cabbage, asparagus, kale & spinach
Wheat grass, celantro & parsley
Carrot, beet & cucumber pickles
Bananas before they are overripe
Blueberries & raspberries
Pears & strawberries

The short video excepts above are from the It’s Supernatural TV show.  Watch the entire interview online.  You can also hear 5 radio interviews between Sid Roth and Jordan Rubin.

2 thoughts on “Get Healthier with Daniel’s Ten-day Diet”

  1. im inspired i start my 10day diet and prayer today

    Are vegs such as tomato,onion,kidney beans, corn asparagas,cow peas not included

    Is bread allowed and milk, rooibos tea.?

    Thank you



    1. The passage makes it seem like Daniel would eat anything that will reproduce if sown in the ground. So, that makes it seem like bread, tomatoes, rooibos tea, etc. would be included unless refined sugar has been added. You’ll have to pray about the milk.

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