Demonic Trading Floors

Demonic realm

A trading floor is a place in the spiritual realm where we can trade things we have.  If it is a Godly trading floor, we can trade and get things of God.   If it is a demonic trading floor, we get what the demonic want us to have.

There are seven major demonic trading floors on which people trade.

King of Tyre

This trading floor is all about money.  If you say, “I don’t have enough money”, you are trading on the King of Tyre’s trading floor.

Having lots of money is not a problem.  Loving your money is a problem.  When you want something very badly but cannot afford it, you may be trading on the King of Tyre’s trading floor.

God should be your provision.  Whenever you are struggling with finances, you should get God involved.

God is our provider: Anokhi-Elohim-Jehovah-Jireh.


The Jezebel spirit is about manipulation, control and domination.  Christians can have a Jezebel spirit.  When a Christian leader spends half an hour asking for an offering or says “pay me $100 a month.  I will pray for you and you will have your healing”, that likely is control and manipulation.

If a church has a board that controls the pastor, they are trading on Jezebel’s trading floor.  The pastor should dictate where the church is going.


God says you are good enough and, with His help, you can do what you were called to do.  If you say you cannot do it, you are likely trading on Athalia’s trading floor.

If you say you are not good enough, you are trading on Athalia’s trading floor.


Cain goes after the inheritance.  Every time you trade your inheritance for a pleasure of this time, you are trading on Cain’s trading floor.  When you engage in a sin that prevents you from getting God’s inheritance, you are trading on Cain’s trading floor.


That is the demon spirit you trade with when you will not testify to the gospel.  When God is asking you to tell someone about Jesus and you refuse, you are trading with Apollyon.

Apollyon hinders people from getting saved.  When the gospel has been perverted, that is the spirit of Apollyon.  When someone uses the Bible to teach motivation at the expense of the real message, they are trading with the spirit of Apollyon.


She is about seduction.  When women dress seductively in public, they may be trading on Delilah’s trading floor.

Every time you are seduced out of something that you should not have given away, you are trading with Delilah.  Every time someone has sexual intercourse outside of marriage, they are trading with Delilah.  Expect your next generation to reap the consequences of your decision.

Fornication involves blood covenants and soul ties.  It is dangerous.  Demons can travel along the soul ties.


He is the twister, the perverter, the liar.  When you gossip about someone, you are likely trading with the spirit of Leviathan.


God wants us to get off the trading floors that defile us.  Then we can enter onto the trading floor of the Sea of Glass.  There we can trade the old demonic desires for God’s desires.

Whenever you realize that you have been trading on a demonic trading floor, be quick to repent.

The teaching on this page is from Trading Floors by Ian Clayton.


7 thoughts on “Demonic Trading Floors”

  1. This is really good but it would be even better if someone could highlight the seven trading floors of heaven so that people know what to trade in as well.

    1. Yes please, if there are 7 demonic ones there must be 7 Kingdom ones as well, apart from the Sea of Glass, as Satan cannot create anything, he can only copy and pollute / pervert, support William’s request.

  2. i first heard of this through friends who discussed the teaching of son of thunder. i like that the description of delilah is expanded to include “things that are done in secret” cravings satisfied and NOT sexual in nature. Delilah wants what her eyes see. the pride there. for those of us girls who grew up ‘ugly’ and shamed in churches, where good girls didn’t have sensuality (how stupid is that?) and that to be attractvie was to be a ‘delilah’ and how men were taught to fear the ‘delilah’ in women, etc. urgh. This is a good teaching. that delilah is really NOT about sex at all. like rape is not about sex. the power of getting what you want by unholy means, even if that includes a reputation for beauty and sensuality.. my humble opinion.

  3. I give glory to God for His grace upon his servant Ian Clayton and other prophetic voices in this end time. The devil does not want the Church to know, he is empowered by our ignorance. I am glad that someone yielded to God and got this mystery. Now it is left for us to use it and maintain dominion. Shalom.

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