Changing Your DNA

DNA change to reverse generational curses

Dr. Francis Myles has had spiritual revelation on how to reverse generational curses.  He explained his revelation on Sid Roth’s television show, It’s Supernatural.  You can watch the entire interview by clicking on the Francis Myles link at the bottom of this page.

To hear about one of Dr. Myles’ first supernatural encounters, watch the YouTube video below.

DNA contaminated since the fall

As time went by, Dr. Myles learned how our DNA has been contaminated since the fall in the Garden of Eden.  The demonic have liens against the DNA.  (A lien is a legal right to another’s property until a debt is paid.)

What we need, the Lord told him, is genetic salvation.  That happens when the finished work of the cross is applied to the healing of people’s genetics giving them a new genetic inheritance.

Jumping the bloodline

Dr. Myles received a revelation from the Lord describing a simple prophetic act he calls jumping the bloodline.  The video clip below comes from the TV interview.  It explains revelation Dr. Myles received about jumping the bloodline.

People can be victims of all sorts of generational curses — poverty, spinsterhood, eating disorders or whatever.  The video talks about how people can actually reverse a generational curse by jumping a bloodline.

Francis Myles 2

To hear the complete interview on the It’s Supernatural TV show, click on the image to the left.


Francis Myles 2


To hear Dr. Myles being interviewed on Sid Roth’s radio show, click on the picture to the right.


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  1. Thank you for sharing your vision. I was Facing a Giant of fear and after seeing your vision I felt like the Lord spoke to me to use my words as well to overcome fear sickness addiction afflictions oppressions depression anything that the enemy would try to come at us with. And I realize how important scripture actually is to overcome the enemy in the spirit Realm praise the Lord thank you

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