Ancient Hebrew Picture Alphabet

paleo Hebrewmodern peaceThe picture of the left shows how the word for “peace” is written in modern Hebrew. The picture on the right shows how Moses wrote it 3500 years ago.

Remember that the words are written from right to left in Hebrew. The first letter in the ancient Hebrew pictograph represents teeth. It means “destroy”. The second letter is a shepherd’s staff. That means “authority”. The third letter is a nail and means “attached”. The last letter represents crashing ocean waves and means “chaos”.

So, “peace” literally means “to destroy authority attached to chaos”.

nail revealed hand revealedmodern name of GodIn modern Hebrew the name of God is written like the image on the left. 3500 years ago Moses wrote it like the image on the right. The first letter is a hand. The second letter is a window and means “revealed”. The third letter is a nail. For the fourth we have the window again.

So, the name of God literally means “hand revealed nail revealed”. Compare that to what Jesus said to Doubting Thomas: Put your finger here; see my hands.    John 20:27a. Then the hands and the nail holes were revealed to Doubting Thomas.

The first three videos below explain in part how Moses wrote the ancient Hebrew alphabet. You will see how some of the pictographs evolved into some of the modern Hebrew letters. You will see how the name of Jesus was revealed in Proverbs 30.

The Hebrew Bible, called the Tenach by Jews and Old Testament by Christians, was originally written in the Hebrew language using an ancient pictographic, or paleo-Hebrew, script. Through the study of this ancient language and script the words of the Bible will come alive to the reader in a way never seen before.

When we read the Bible from our modern western perspective, the original meanings of the words within the text are lost to us. Only by understanding these words in their original Hebraic context can we read the Bible through the eyes of the original authors.

Evolution of the Hebrew Alphabet

Mark Blitz explains how the ancient Hebrew picture language from the time of Moses prophesied New Testament events. The pictures of things such as an arm, a hand, a fishhook and a house evolved into the modern Hebrew alphabet.

Jesus in the Book of Proverbs

Bible code from Proverbs 30:4-6 explained. In the form of a cross it says “His name is Yeshua.” This is one of many YouTube videos with Mark Biltz.

Yahweh in the Ancient Hebrew Picture Language

The name of God (Yahweh) as shown in the ancient Hebrew picture language. Literally it meant “The hand revealed, nail revealed.”

Idiographic meaning of letters for the name of Jesus

Yahweh: Behold the hand; behold the nail

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  1. I keep trying to find the source for the linkage between original Hebrew and the picture language(not just a chart), but cannot find it. I think I found the ox in the Phoenician alphabet or something at one point, but that’s about it. I cannot find the nails etc. please supply more details etc about the trail to get from original ancient Hebrew to the pictographs. I was excited about this before but no one has supplied this linkage that I have found. Thank you

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