What is Heaven? Mysteries Revealed

The mysteries of heaven

heaven Perry StoneWhen Perry Stone was just 16, someone challenged him about whether Heaven was real. That day, he began to study. These days, scholars say Perry teaches the mysteries of heaven and life-after-death like no one else!

Prophetic timeline

After years of study, Perry Stone came up with this timeline of what’s going on spiritually between now and the Great White Throne Judgement.

1. Now: Church Age.  Perry believes that this will end with a pre-trib rapture.
2. 7-year period.  Saints in heaven enjoying the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, etc.  On earth there will be a revelation of the anti-Christ, mark of the beast, much death, etc.
3. Lord returns to earth.
4. Millennial reign. Jesus sets up kingdom on earth.
5. Satan released for a season. People on earth will be tested to see if they will be faithful to the Lord or follow Satan.
6. Great White Throne judgment in heaven
7. New heaven & earth

This is explained more fully in the video below.

Age of earth controversy — 6000 or 4 billion years?

Genesis 1:1 says that the heavens & earth were created in complete perfection.  Between Gen.1:1 & Gen. 1:2 Lucifer fell from heaven to earth.  Between verses 1 & 2 there could easily have been a gap of billions of years.  There does not have to be a controversy between science & the Bible.

This is explained in the video below.

Where is heaven?

The Bible talks about three levels of heaven:

  • Man has dominion over the first heaven.
  • The second heaven is the habitation of the principalities and the rulers of darkness.
  • God dwells in the north, in the third heaven beyond the stars.

This is discussed much more fully in the video below.

What will be our job during the millennium?

Because we have been faithful in little, we will be given much responsibility during the millennium.  We will be kings, rulers and priests.


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