Trips to Heaven with Judy Franklin

 He did it for you
trips to heaven judy franklin

Judy Franklin’s trips to heaven started late in life.

For the first half century of her life, Judy Franklin did not know whether or not anyone loved her.  She did not know that God loved her.  She did not feel love from her mother, her father or her husband.  She thought she was unlovable.

Then she saw Jesus with her eyes.  He pointed out the scars on his hands and said, “I did it for you.”

This is explained more fully in the video below.

Children take trips to heaven

Eventually Judy Franklin began to have trips to heaven.  She even teaches people and guides them into their own trips to heaven.

On one occasion she guided a group of children into heaven.  The next day one of the boys wanted to do it again.  When he got to heaven, Jesus offered him a piece of pizza.

Now the boy was extremely allergic to dairy and acidic fruit.  His mother took an Epipen everywhere they went.

He reminded Jesus of his allergies.  Jesus said that if he ate the pizza, He would heal him of his allergies.

Watch the video to learn the rest of the story.

Take a note to heaven

On one occasion someone asked Judy Franklin to take a note to heaven.   It told God that he needed money.  Judy gave the note to God and the next week someone gave the man $1000.

Watch the video to see how it happened.



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