Toxic Thoughts and Caroline Leaf

Learning about individual brain cells

toxic thoughtstoxic thoughtsDr. Caroline Leaf has  been studying the brain for 30+ years. She teaches people how to rid their bodies of negative thinking, what she calls toxic thoughts.

As the moving graphic to the right suggests, Dr. Leaf has been studying what happens to our brain cells when we think. She has discovered how can we change our brain cells to remove destructive information.

Anatomy of a brain cell

toxic thoughts

As can be seen in the above animation, there are four main parts to a brain cell:

  • Dendrites.
  • Cell body.
  • Axons and
  • Synapses.

The dendrites branch out from the cell body. They receive messages from other brain cells. When these messages leave the cell body, they travel along axons, jump the synapses and travel into another cell. Every time we learn new information, we grow more dendrites.

Even though our brains have around 100 billion brain cells, individual cells can be seen with an electron microscope. Each time we choose or think, proteins combine to build new branches on our brain cells. These new branches can be photographed.

Toxic thoughts and unwanted growth

toxic thoughtsWhen we begin to think toxic thoughts, proteins will begin to grow on the dendrites. Dr. Leaf has given these growths 3 different names, depending upon the size & shape: bump, lollipop and mushroom.

After starting to think a toxic thought:

  • A bump can form within 7 days.
  • That can change to a lollipop within 14 days.
  • That can change to a mushroom within 21 days.

Toxic thoughts can lead to all sorts of different health problems including mental health and even dementia. Notice the image below from Dr. Leaf’s video.

toxic thoughts

Mental health statistics are more dismal than ever. But, there is good news. Many mental health problems can be reversed by eliminating toxic thoughts and rewiring the brain.

Reversing bad habits

Let’s say your spouse is not as thrilled with you as they were a couple of years ago. You are very much aware of that. You are also aware that it is because of your nagging. That is a bad habit.

Dr. Leaf has developed a system whereby it is possible to get rid of a toxic thought or habit such as nagging. Just like it originally took 21 days for the “mushroom” to develop, expect it to take at least 21 days to reverse it. If the habit is well established, it can take as long as 3 sets of 21 or 63 days to remove a bad habit completely.

Note that you must not take shortcuts. If you think the bad habit is gone after 17 days, continue the routine to the full 21 days. Otherwise, you will likely have to start at day 1 in the near future.

Six steps to eliminating toxic thoughts

Work on these six steps for seven minutes per day for at least 21 days. If you want to establish a strong habit, you have to go through 3 sets of 21 days or 63 days. So, you may have to write it down in your calendar and tell yourself that your strong habit will be established on, say, October 20.

  1. On the first day of a set of 21 days cup your hands & ask the Holy Spirit what toxic thought you should work on.
  2. Say five sentences beginning with “Lord, I thank you for … “.
  3. Get on your knees. Hold the toxic thought in front of you. Imagine you are kneeling at the feet of God. Think about loving God. Leave the toxic issue at His feet.
  4. Rest your hands on your thighs. Thank God again for the same blessings from point #2. Elaborate on them if you wish.
  5. Imagine Jesus is beside you holding your hands. Say five sentences beginning with “Lord, I praise you for … “.
  6. Change you behaviour from praise to worship.

The information above is only a small portion of what is available for you to learn about things related to toxic thoughts. There are many YouTube videos featuring Dr. Leaf.

To learn more about Dr. Leaf & toxic thoughts, enter these terms into your YouTube search box: Caroline Leaf toxic thoughts.

Most of the information from this article was taken from the video below. Watch it now.

Bonus Material

Below are some more valuable points from the video above and the Related Website video below.

  • If you suppress toxic thoughts, that can lead to mental health problems.
  • Mental health problems are not illnesses. They are disorders that can be controlled.
  • You can grow tens of thousands of dendrites on a single cell. You grow a dendrite for every concept you learn.
  • When “bumps” and “lollipops” grow into “mushrooms”, you have built long term memory.
  • Science without God does not work.
  • Toxic thoughts are real things; they occupy mental real estate.
  • When you hear someone talk, you are:
    • Thinking,
    • Feeling &
    • Choosing, in that order.
  • You are unconsciously thinking, feeling & choosing on a spiritual level at the rate of 400+ billion actions per second.
  • You are consciously thinking, feeling & choosing at the rate of 2000 actions per second.
  • The unconscious mind works 24/7.
  • The conscious mind works only when we are awake.
  • When you recall a toxic thought created by a trauma, that thought contains both information and emotion.

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