Tongues, the Supernatural Benefits

280 cancerous tumours disappeared

tonguesWhen people at Pastor Todd Smith’s church in Georgia get baptized, they may come out of the water speaking in other tongues. They often have healing miracles.

In one case a man with 280 cancerous tumours was too sick to go to church. His wife went and got baptized. A towel was soaked with the baptismal water.

She went home and laid the towel on her husband. The next day her husband had a PET scan. The doctor could not find any tumours. The man was totally healed.

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Scientific studies on speaking in tongues

tonguesThe New York Times reported on a scientific study of 1000 evangelic Christians. It concluded that those who regularly speak in tongues rarely have  mental disorders as opposed to those who don’t.

A University of Pennsylvania study compared brain activity while speaking in tongues as compared to speaking in English. The frontal lobe controls human speech. While subjects spoke in English, there was a great deal of activity in the frontal lobe.  While praying in the spirit, the frontal lobe went dormant.

tonguesA medical doctor at Oral Roberts University led a study looking at people who regularly speak in tongues for extended periods of time. It found that the brains of those people release two chemicals causing the efficacy of the immune system to be elevated 35 – 40%.

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The benefits of praying in tongues

There are 3 important benefits to praying in tongues:

  1. You get to pray the perfect will of God every time.
  2. You get edified. It builds up your body & spirit. You put on “spiritual muscle”.
  3. You may be protecting your loved ones.

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