Spoken Word, It’s Powerful and Creative

Speaking things into being

spoken wordDr. Cindy Trimm was raised in a single-parent home of seven children. Her family was in severe poverty. None of her family had much education.  Then, at the age of 17, she had an open-eye vision that changed her life.
She now has a PhD and was in Ebony Magazine’s list of 100 powerful black people.  The list also had people such as Barak Obama and Michael Jordan.  She speaks about the reasons for her success: Among other things, she started declaring things that are not as though they were (Romans 4:17.) She learned the power of the spoken word.

There is another realm that has blessings God has prepared for us.  We have to speak it into being.  She said that her potential had been suppressed by culture and demonic beings.

Hear about it in the YouTube video below.

Spoken word declaring things that are not as though they were

Cindy Trimm learned early in her Christian walk that our God “ calls into being that which does not exist.”  (Romans 4:17)  So, she decided, we should use our spoken word to declare things that are not as though they were.

One day she and her family were sitting around discussing how they could pay the bills.  She reminded them what the Bible says and started declaring what should happen financially.

Six months later they had moved out of their rat-infested house that leaked when it rained.  They had moved into an estate on the beach.

She also declared that her six siblings and her mother would be saved.  Today they are all saved.

Watch the video below.

Create your world

Use the spoken word to declare things over your life and you can change your reality; you can create your world.  What you don’t know CAN hurt you.

At age 36 Cindy’s doctor told her that she may need an operation for an infirmity.  Later the Holy Spirit revealed to her that her health problems were a self-fulfilled prophecy.  She repented for the words she had spoken.  She asked God to reverse those words.

The next day she woke up completely healed.  Often the problems people have are the reaction that demonic spirits have made to words those people had spoken.

This is explained in the next video.

Curses and blessings

It’s not so much people cursing each other.  It’s more a matter of people cursing themselves.  It’s not so much people finding someone to pray a blessing over them.  It’s more a matter of people declaring blessings over themselves.

Watch the video below to see an excellent example of this.

People everywhere are wondering how they can start living prosperously. They are blinded by things such as fear, doubt, sorrow, our culture and people’s expectations. Sometimes we are blinded to things that are right in front of us. The solution lies in speaking the Word of God.

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Editor’s note

Some of the spiritual laws that Cindy Trimm alludes to may be as universal as the law of gravity.  I.e., the law of gravity applies to a person no matter what their spiritual beliefs.

However, I believe some of the spiritual laws in which Cindy Trimm walks depend upon her relationship with Jesus.  For instance, Jesus said, “If you love me, obey my commandments.”  (John 14:15)  I suspect that Dr. Trimm keeps the commandments of Jesus to the best of her ability.