Spiritual Healing and the Kingdom of God

Thoughts, attitudes, feeling and spiritual healing

Spiritual healing can be a byproduct of your thoughts and feelings.  Thoughts and feelings are communication in the spirit realm.  What you release empowers the spirit realm.

If you release praise, worship, joy and blessing people, it empowers the Kingdom of Heaven to form around you.  On the other hand, if the demonic spirits around you perceive your fear, your anger and other issues of your heart, the atmosphere around you can be like a closed heaven.

When Jesus taught us the Lord’s prayer, he said, “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”  I.e. Jesus wants the atmosphere around us to be like heaven.

Prayer of Desperation Changed Ryan Wyatt’s Life

Ryan Wyatt was a 16-year-old back slidden Christian.  He fell into a cold mountain stream and thought he was going to die.  He prayed a prayer of desperation and God took him seriously.  That prayer changed his life forever.  Watch the YouTube video below for more of the story.


Surgically-removed Eardrum Restored

After Ron had his experience in the cold mountain stream, he and God began to get very close.  He sees lots of visions and has been given a gift of healing.

He had been talking to the congregation about how the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.  There was a lady in the congregation whose ear drum had been surgically removed.   As a result of Ryan’s teaching, she began to believe that God could heal her deaf ear.

Watch the YouTube video below to see how that happened.


Lost 65 Pounds During a Church Service

At another of Ryan Wyatt’s meetings, someone with a thyroid condition lost 65 pounds.  Watch the video below to see that lady’s story.

Skinny Paralyzed Leg Spiritually Healed

Due to a botched surgery, a man’s leg had been paralyzed for 34 years.  The muscle had atrophied and the leg was extremely skinny.  At one of Ryan Wyatt’s meetings, the muscle grew back and the paralyzed leg became as functional as the other one.

Steel rod in legs replaced by bone

Some miracles are so amazing that science could never explain them away.  For instance, a lady’s legs were so crushed in the car accident that the bones had been replaced by metal rods.  She had no knees.  Ryan Wyatt prayed for her legs.  As people watched, the rods were replaced by bones including knee caps.

Spiritual healing

You have watched the videos about a variety of spiritual healing.  Things like worship, praise, joy and blessing other people help to create an atmosphere in which such things can happen.  Things like fear, anger and other negative emotions can prevent spiritual healing.

Ryan Wyatt and spiritual healing

Watch the entire TV interview between Ryan Wyatt and Sid Roth.