Serious Problems, Shortages & Loss of Freedom

5 hours with Jesus

serious problemsEarlier in 2020 Jesus Himself spent 5 hours with Kevin Zadai. He told Kevin about serious problems that were to come, especially in the United States. Because of civil unrest, Covid-19 and other factors, there will be huge problems such as shortages of food, water and other essentials.

Watch the video below.

Christians are doing better than they think

The Lord told Kevin that Christians that are not lukewarm are likely doing better than they think they are. A horde of demons have been released to make Christians feel like they don’t measure up and are rejected.

We should just stay on the path to which the Lord has called us and realize that we are being effective.

Separation in the Church

Lord Jesus told Kevin Zadai that there would serious problems in the church. There would be a huge separation. It would involve the supernatural.

The religious goats will separate from the sheep. The goats will reject the supernatural power of Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit will visit individuals and they will be totally changed. Many will perform miracles, signs & wonders. People will leave the seeker-friendly churches unless the leadership begins to embrace the supernatural.

Serious problems with China

This may sound like a run-of-the-mill conspiracy theory. But, Kevin Zadai is a supernatural man who has been on the It’s Supernatural television program around 9 times.  He has good credentials.

In his 5 hour meeting with Jesus, he was told that we are at war with China. This is not a war with battleships & aircraft carriers. We are having serious problems with smartphones. It is a war where the activities of everyone who owns one are being recorded and stored in large databases.

China is actually concocting new diseases that are being weaponized to be spread at a very quick rate. Jesus told Kevin that an objective of this is to remove our freedoms and we are not to let that happen. We must fast and pray that this will not happen.

It is not up to God to stop this thing. Christians are a people with free will. They must bind this evil for it to be stopped. It cannot be stopped unless Christians pray.





Watch the interview between Kevin Zadai and Sid Roth. Watch the entire It’s Supernatural television program including the extended version. It was first aired August 9, 2020.