Prayer for Healing in an Ambulance

Prayer for healing Ambulance medic Dave Hayes likes to give a patient a prayer for healing. This started happening after God spoke to him in a dream: “Pray for the sick in your ambulance.”

So after many unsuccessful attempts, people began to get healed in the back of his ambulance. Today about 80% get healed.

Keys for success in a prayer for healing

We do not have to beg God for the healing.  We command the sickness to leave.  We have to be persistent.

Watch the video below to see what Dave Hayes means by that.

Muslim healed in an ambulance

Dave Hayes, a medic and former atheist, prays for patients in his ambulance.  One time a Muslim with bleeding in his GI tract let Dave pray for him.   He prayed for his splitting headache.  It left.  Then he prayed for the GI tract.  It was healed.

Did not need dialysis

Dave Hayes received a prayer request for a pastor who needed dialysis.  He prayed.  That night he had a dream in which he stuck his hand into a man’s abdomen and touched some internal organs.  Later Dave received a praise report saying that no dialysis was required and the kidneys were functioning 100% normally.

Learn more about this story in the video below.


To learn more about the prayer for healing, watch Sid Roth’s interview with Dave Hayes from the It’s Supernatural TV show.