Miracles & David Yanez

24 of 25 blind people healed

David Yanez miraclesDavid Yanez was on a crusade in India.  The Holy Spirit told him to pray for blind people.

He asked for blind people to come to the front.  25 blind people came up.  24 got their sight back.

The one who did not get her sight back was an evangelist.  She said that her blindness was “a gift from God”.  Her negative thinking prevented the healing from taking place.

Watch David Yanez discuss this in the video below.

Healing a crippled stranger in a strange village

David was being driven to a speaking engagement in a distant place in India.  He had been sleeping.  When he woke up they were in a village.  He asked the driver to stop.

He walked and found a crippled stranger.  He told him to get up and walk.

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From soccer player to miracle worker

David was a soccer player on his way to becoming a professional.  One day he walked into the bathroom and sensed the presence of God.

On the left side of the mirror was something like a video playing showing his future as a soccer player.  Then on the right side his future as an evangelist started playing.  He realized that was his purpose in life.

He never went back to soccer.

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Everyone in town miraculously healed

David had a crusade in India.  Because of the small size of the venue, there were only about 500 people in the building.

The people who got healed were so excited that prayer and miracles began to travel throughout town.  Every infirmed person who wanted prayer was healed.

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Delayed Miracles

You can read about a delayed miracle in the book of Daniel.  Daniel prayed and the angel did not arrive for 21 days.  The angel explained that, even though he heard Daniel, he had to stop to fight the Satanic realm for 21 days.

In the example, David had prayed for a large group of children in India.  David left the venue and went to another town.  While David and a crippled boy were separated, the boy saw Jesus touching him and strengthening his legs.

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