Exciting Life Walking with Jesus

From man-made rules to an exciting life

exciting life

Teenager Duncan Smith could not stand the religious man-made rules of his parents’ life. So, he rebelled and stopped going to church. One thing led to another and he eventually began to have a rather exciting life.

To start with, his parents and his girlfriend’s parents were praying for him. Then his girlfriend’s parents “tricked” him into going to church. He heard a very convincing salvation message preached. However, when the alter call came along, he ran out a side door and up a mountain path. There he felt the presence of Jesus and promised to give his life to Him. At the same time he asked for an exciting life. He got it.

One with Jesus

The work on the cross by Jesus was not just so that we could have eternal life. It was also so that we could become one with Him. The sons of God are so one with Him that He could not be raised from the dead without them being raised from the dead. That is a key to having miracles. (Duncan Smith has experienced lots of miracles.)

This is explained more fully in the video  below.

Publicly predicted the day the drought would end

Duncan Smith arrived in Australia to speak at a conference of pastors. He heard that Australia was in the midst of a nine year drought. The Lord told him to tell the congregation that on the next Friday there would be a great thunderstorm. For the next month there would be a great deal of rain. This would be a sign that the Glory of the Lord was coming to Australia.

He delivered that message to the entire congregation and the drought ended as he had  predicted.

Watch this unfold in the video below.

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