Emotional Stress, a Thing of the Past

Depression, worry, anger and other emotional stress gone forever

emotional stressSince Larry Hutton received the secret in 1977, he has lived free of emotional stress every hour of every day. Even when lies were told about him and he thought he would get fired from the job he loved, he lived stress free.

In 1977 Larry was told that if he followed the instructions, he would never have depression, worry, anger, stress, etc. He started dealing with emotional stress before it happened. He experienced complete stress relief ever since.

Fear of being fired, the miracle

Larry Hutton had a job he just loved. Someone had spread lies about him and he was in danger of losing his job. This filled him with negative emotions. The Lord reminded him what He had taught him about how to deal with stress. He used the wisdom from Jesus and all negative emotions left.

Watch the story in the video below.

When Jesus died on the cross, He bore every one of our negative emotions. When Larry feels that he is about to start dealing with emotional stress, he groups all of the negative emotions together in his mind. Then, he speaks to them as if they were a single person. He just says something like “Jesus told me you were coming and He’s already defeated you.”

Peace is not seasonal

Galatians 5:22 told Larry peace is a fruit.  The Lord told him that spiritual fruit is not seasonal.  Larry knew that physical fruit had to be picked in season.

The extension of this logic told Larry that he could walk in total peace at all times.  Hear the explanation in the video below.

Bipolar disorder symptoms

Bipolar disorder symptoms include serious shifts in mood, energy, thinking, and behavior.  It can go from the highs of mania on one extreme to the lows of depression on the other end of the spectrum.

A lady had suffered bipolar disorder for 40 years.  She got hold of Larry Hutton’s teachings and applied them.  Two years later she was still symptom free.

Listen to the brief testimonial in the video below.

Spiritual Healing of a Tumor

Larry had a tumor on the right side of his head.  It was very painful.  He applied the techniques that Jesus had taught him.  He prayed that he would not get into fear and that he would have the total peace of the Lord.  He was free of emotional stress.  He applied what he had learned about Isaiah 53.  In a few weeks the tumor was totally gone.

Watch the video below.

Watch the entire interview between Sid Roth and Larry Hutton.