Angels of God in Record Numbers

Tim Sheet’s word about the angels of God

angels of god Tim SheetsTim Sheets says there are more angels of God on Planet Earth than ever before in history. They’ve come for a move of God’s Spirit and to partner with you! Tim says it’s time to mobilize.

Tim’s credentials

Before learning about the coming angels of God, let’s look at Tim’s past.
Tim Sheet’s father would have healing meeting Wednesday & Sunday evenings. As children, he and his brother had the job of cleaning up. They even swept cancer tumors off the floor.

Watch the video below.

Amazing healings in Tim’s church

The Holy Spirit told Tim Sheets that there would be an increase in the miraculous healing of physical paralysis. It will be a sign the the church is about to be healed of its spiritual paralysis. These signs will also be an evangelism tool. People will get healed after they see miraculous signs.

Paralytic healed in Tim’s church

An angel of God spoke to Tim Sheets on Saturday. He told him that the next day God’s healing power would show up in his church.

The next day he told that to his congregation.  Many of them were slain in the spirit. He told a paralytic to get out of his wheelchair. The paralytic did as he was told, took 3 steps and took off running.

Quoting the Word of God

When we make a decree, angels of God harken to that voice. A good strategy when making a decree is to quote the Word of God. Then expect angels of God to act on the what God said.

If we don’t make a decree, we have no right to be disappointed when we are not helped.

The Greatest Move of God

God spoke to Tim Sheets about the purpose of angels. He said that He is about to release a move of God similar to the second chapter of Acts. However, this time He will bring far more angel armies.

He told Tim that the greatest days of the church were not in the past. They are in the present and in the future.

An evangelist must preach the Word of God. However, he should also DEMONSTRATE the power of God with signs and wonders.

Watch the entire TV interview between Tim Sheets and Sid Roth.