Time, Living in Another Dimension

What is time? 

Time in Your HandsTime is a substance in the same sense that faith is a substance. Time is a piece of fabric that can be stretched. It bends backwards and forwards. After you understand this, ask the Lord for Eden time. To help you understand this, it may help to study some of the teachings of Albert Einstein or Stephen Hawkins. Also try wrapping your mind around some of the far-out thinks that Bible has to say about time.

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Time Newton & Einstein

Sir Issac Newton thought that everywhere in the universe time was constant. He was wrong. Time is an active thing that bends around us. Einstein said that time is relative to each person. Time is something that we can manipulate, pull & change the shape of. It is meant to serve you, not govern you.
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 You are a force in space time

time is a lesser dimension.  You are not from this plane of existence.  You can manipulate this plane of existence.  If you don’t govern it, it will govern you.  It’s time to master time.  If you do not do it, someone else will.  You are an anti-gravometric, trans-dimensional entity who is able to bend space-time.

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Bending time

At the fall of the Garden of Eden, Satan stole rich time. Before the fall, it took no effort to work. Now we have sweat time.

Some supernatural people can still walk in rich time. They can bend time and effect time travel.

Examples are given in the video below.

All of the narratives for the above videos were taking from a Justin Abraham podcast.  Listen to Time — the Fourth Dimension.