Does God Want Us to Be Prosperous?


Prosperity must be separated from greed.  God wants us all to be able to meet our needs and have something left over.

When people are in poverty, they usually do not get things done very efficiently. God wants us to be prosperous enough so that we can bless our neighbor.

Watch the very short video  below for more about this topic.

Poverty Mindset

After people have be in poverty for 3 or 4 generations, science has shown that they tend to become hardwired to think of themselves as poor. With that mindset, it is rare that they come out of poverty.

Hear more about this topic in the video below.

Poverty Is a Curse

Poverty is a curse.  We are hardwired for success.  The problem is that some people limit themselves by placing imaginary boundaries around themselves.

Hear more about this subject in the video below.

Recovery from Embezzlement

Someone embezzled practically all of the money from Jim Richard’s church. Most of their bills were at least 90 days old. They applied biblical principles to their problem Within 9 months they were in the black. Nine months after that and their income had doubled.

Hear more about this event in the video below.

The videos above were taken from an It’s Supernatural interview.  Watch an archived file of the entire episode.

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