Prophecies of Larry Randolph

Accurate prophecies

Larry RandolphLarry Randolph is so accurate in his prophecies that he has special privileges.  He has direct access to top government officials to warn of what he sees happening.

Keep reading to learn more about Larry’s journey.

Running away from home

According to Romans 4:3-4, tribulation brings about perseverance and perseverance builds character.  At age 13 Larry began a journey that produced perseverance and built character.  He ran away from home and became a  bar musician.

He was running away from the legalism of the church.  He also felt that there was something missing from his life that he had to find.  When you listen to the prophecies below, you will understand that he found it.

Watch this YouTube video to learn more about running away from home.

Keep reading to learn more about Larry’s journey into the world of the prophetic.

Face-to-face meeting with Jesus

One night Larry had a face-to-face meeting with Jesus.  He felt the liquid agape love of God.

It was his first encounter ever of someone loving him unconditionally.  He became aware that he would be making mistakes just like everyone does.  He also became aware that no matter what mistakes he made in the future, Jesus would love him unconditionally.

Jesus told him that he had a unique destiny.  We all have unique destinies.  If we do not fulfill our destiny, mankind will be missing something.  No one else can fulfill that purpose.

Watch the YouTube video below to learn more about the face-to-face meeting.

Recent prophecies

These clips were first broadcast on the It’s Supernatural television program in May 2014.  In the YouTube video below Larry Randolph discusses some of his prophecies including the Gulf Oil Spill and the Israeli conflict that started later in the year.

Listen to Larry Randolph’s entire interview with Sid Roth.


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