Procedures in the Courts of Heaven

Our goal — holiness

When we have an issue in our lives that prevents us from walking in true holiness, we can go to the courts of heaven.  There we can win and get free.

A big key is how we posture ourselves.  We must posture ourselves to be submissive to the governments of heaven.

Be bold!

We should come to the throne of grace with boldness, so that we could take mercy and we would find grace in well timed help.  Hebrews 4:16

♦ That you would understand the government of heaven.  Declare that you will submit to the Lord’s judgments.
♦ That your scroll of your purposes on earth would be brought into the court.
♦ That the angel who has been assigned to your scroll will bring it into the court.
♦ That the Lord would hear your confession and move on your behalf.
♦ That He would judge the record in your DNA.
♦ That He would judge every spirit that carries the record in your DNA.
♦ That He would separate you from specific sins in your life.


Because of our confession, bailiff angels will bring the responsible demons into the court to be judged.

Some people keep praying for things when the provision is already there.  They should be going into the courts and getting the things themselves.

When we confess things, they can become part of us.  If you sing “Give me that old time religion, it’s good enough for me”, you are confessing that.  It’s not good enough for you.  God is revealing new things about the kingdom.  When we confess things that are not right, the demonic can get hold of them and cause them to pass.

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous, so that He would forgive our sins and He would cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  I John 1:9.

Divorce and marriage

Ask for divorce papers to separate you from sins of fear, doubt and things that keep you from being in God’s will.  Ask that the divorce papers will be signed and stamped by your Father.

Tell Jesus that you will have no other gods before Him and that He is your Bridegroom and you will be married to Him.


All sorts of things such as watching particular movies,various incidences of shock or trauma or even hearing music can cause fear in your life.  That can release various chemicals into your bloodstream.  Triggers can cause the memories to come back so that you are fearful again.  This can give demons a legal right to come in.

Remember that there is no fear in love but complete love casts fear outside. I John 4:19.

By faith you can go into the court rooms of heaven.  You can ask God to forgive you for opening up your heart to fear.  Tell Him that you come into agreement that having the fear was wrong.  Tell Jesus that He is your mediator to deal with things like fear.

Ask Him to become your covering.  Ask the Father to judge you today.  Ask the Father to cause every demon involved with your fear to be summoned to court and be judged.  Ask the Father to wipe out any record of the fear in your life.

Confess to the Lord that having these fears are sin.

Ask for divorce papers to be brought into the court room.  Ask to be divorced from he spirit of witchcraft,the invisible fears, sensationalism and the spirit of magnification. (A spirit that magnifies little problems to become big problems.) Ask for papers of marriage to Jesus today.

Ask the Lord to send his bailiff angels to bring into court every record of fear ever held in your genealogy line.  Ask the Lord to judge them with fire.   Ask the Lord to sign papers saying that fear is no longer a god in your life.

False prophesies

Note that every idle word which men speak will be paid back with regard to his account on Judgment Day.  (Matthew 12:36)

People make others want to feel better.  So, they say nice things to them.  These can actually be false prophesies that make them do the enemy’s will.  This can cause the people to have a wrong idea of what their destiny is and can cause people to sin.

If you have done this, go to the courts of heaven and repent of it.

Dealing with a record

This is not deliverance; it is dealing with a record that keeps things bound to your life.


This MP3 file comes from the Kingdom Mysteries 4.


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  1. I think this is great. Unfortunatly there is not material for spanish talking people like in Puerto Rico. I pray that God send someone to minister probaly beginning with my wife and I, then I could share it with others and a revival can begin!!! This matter of the courts of heaven is so important but I can’t find no one that can mentor us. If so one can pass this message to Ian Clayton, Justin Abraham, Bill Johnson or any with deep knowledge of God please do it. Write to our email or call 787 996 1137. I believe in the imposing of hands but can’t find someone directed by God to do it. We are eager to know God better. Thanks!!!

    1. If you know of a bilingual person with Spanish as their primary language, you could have them translate that page into English. I would post it on my website in Spanish.

      (I spoke a bit of Spanish 40 years ago. So, posting it would not be difficult.)


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