Open Heaven, What Is It and How Can You Experience It?

open heavenJames Durham went to heaven every day for over three years. He was taught how to awaken his spiritual senses. And then God imparted to him a gift to help you open your supernatural senses to know your God! He wants you to walk under an open heaven.

What Is an Open Heaven?

“Open heaven” was often written about from Genesis to Revelation. We are in a season of open heaven. It is manifest now more that it was, say, 30 years ago. When someone is walking in an open heaven anointing, their spiritual senses are heightened. They are more likely to have a seer anointing. They can hear from the Lord better. Perhaps they even smell and taste things of heaven.
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Sharpening the Spiritual Senses

There are things in people’s lives that are preventing them from hearing the voice of the Lord and otherwise using their spiritual senses.  The three main things are unforgiveness, bitterness and strife.  Once Jesus told James Durham to “lighten up”.  If you want to experience an open heaven, don’t take things too seriously.
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Miraculous When the Glory Descends

Physical miracles often happen when the glory comes down.  James Durham has seen more than one occasion when people had had fused vertebrae.  They were given new spines.  He has seen people getting the money they needed.  He has seen claustrophobia disappear.
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