Katherine Ruonala

Insecurity, abandonment and abuse

Katherine RuonalaKatherine Ruonala had a childhood with too much insecurity, abandonment and abuse.  This lead to an insecurity in her early adult years.

After she got married, she was filled with a fear that her husband might die.  It was that unrealistic insecurity.

Katherine overcomes her insecurities

However, she had become a Christian and had faith in God.  Watch the YouTube video below to see how she overcame the insecurity.

Katherine’s healing ministry compared to Kathryn Kuhlman

Now Katherine Ruonala is so secure that she is walking in an amazing healing ministry.  Sid Roth says that she is walking in the type of anointing that Kathryn Kuhlman had.  Watch the short YouTube video below.

Kathrerine prays for someone with no ear

To give you an idea of what kind of miracles that Katherine Ruonala walks in, watch the YouTube video below.  A lady with no left ear and no left ear drum asked her for prayer.


To hear the entire interview between Sid Roth and Katherine Ruonala, click here.


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