Intimate Holy Spirit to Guide Us

Who is the Holy Spirit?

intimate Holy SpiritDavid Hernandez learned as a teen that the intimate Holy Spirit wants to be sought. He learned about fellowship, power and friendship with the Holy Spirit.

He learned that the Holy Spirit:

  • Is the one who gives us boldness to evangelize.
  • Stirs faith within the soul causing us to believe in the miraculous.
  • Helps us to know how to pray.
  • Reveals Jesus to us in worship.
  • Helps us to walk in holiness.

Learn more from the video below.

How to develop a relationship  with the intimate Holy Spirit

Silence & stillness

To develop intimacy with the Holy Spirit, learn to be silent & still.

Go to a private quiet place to pray. Silence is the putting away of outer distractions.

Be still & know that I am God. Psalm 46:10. Stillness is the quieting of the soul. In stillness we give our burdens over to the Lord. We have to focus our attention on what the Holy Spirit is showing us, not on what is happening on the outside.

Meditation on the Word of God helps this process. Meditate of the revelation of the Word that the Lord has given to you. That brings about a stillness of the soul that helps the Holy Spirit work in you.

Arm muscle grew back

David Hernandez was ministering in a meeting where the power of the Holy Spirit was really obvious. There were waves of glory.

David focused on a man at the back who was worshipping with one arm in the air. The Lord said He wanted to heal the man. David just did not know what the infirmity was.

He later found out that the man had once had cancer in his neck. Surgeons removed a muscle in his arm and moved it into his neck so that he could move his head.

David prayed for the arm. It was totally healed and the man could lift both arms into the air.

Watch the entire It’s Supernatural interview between David Hernandez & Sid Roth.






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