The Hiram Code

The mysteries surrounding Gentile King Hiram

Ron PhillipsGod imparted to Ron Phillips the Old Testament mysteries concerning the patriarch Isaac, King David and the Gentile King Hiram.

Hiram, David & Solomon

I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse.  Gen 12:3a

The Syrophoenician King Hiram showed great favour to two Jewish Kings.  At that time most of the peoples around Israel hated the Jews.

However, King Hiram helped King David build his house.  After David died, King Hiram helped King Solomon build the temple.  King Hiram and his people got into commerce together with Israel.  That brought great wealth to the Jewish people.

Because King Hiram blessed the Jewish people so much, great blessing fell upon King Hiram, his people and his decendants.

Why has America been so blessed?

It goes back to I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse that you read above.  Think about this:

  • A Jewish man financed the American Revolution.
  • In 1948, 15 minutes after David Ben Gurion declared that Israel was an independent country, the American president endorsed it.
  • Hear more as you watch the video below.

Extreme favor when start blessing Israel

People have found that they start walking in extreme favour after they start blessing Israel.  For instance, a small church in a rental property began giving $150 to Israel each month.  Not too long later they were given a large church building along with several acres of land.  All they had to do is pay off the mortgage.  The payments were less than their monthly rent.

Hear the rest of the story in the video below.

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