Hearing God’s Voice

Learning to hear God’s voice

As Richard Mull goes on his speaking tours, he asks the audience how many of them hear God’s voice on a regular basis.  No matter what the denomination, over 90% of them say they do not.

Watch the TV broadcast at the bottom of this page from the archives to learn how Mr. Mull learned how to hear God’s voice.  Before you watch it, watch the YouTube video below to hear what Richard did after his son died.  (He was dead for 40 minutes.)

Hearing God’s voice, saving a marriage

One time when counseling with a pastor, he received a word of knowledge that most likely saved the pastor’s marriage.  Watch the YouTube video below.

Hindrances to hearing God’s voice

You have to overcome some of the hindrances to hearing God’s voice. These include:
♦ Being concerned about what friends and family will think.
♦ Listening to demons speaking in your head.
♦ Having your attention focused somewhere else.

Tips to start hearing God’s voice

♦ It helps to get quiet before God.
♦ Start by writing down the first things that come to your mind as you are waiting on the Lord.
♦ Test out the things that you have written down.

To learn more about how to hear God’s voice, watch the television show and listen to the radio broadcasts.

Richard MullClick on the image to the left to hear Richard Mull’s television interview with Sid Roth.  You can also hear five radio interviews between Sid Roth and Richard Mull.




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