How to interpret dreams

Watch the video below. Mark Virkler says that you can have dreams from God every week of your life and know what they mean if you follow his method.

In Mark’s method there are four steps to getting a dream from God:
♦ As you are going to sleep, ask God for a dream.
♦ Have pen and a paper by your bed.
♦ Fix your eyes on Jesus.
♦ When you wake up, write down a summary of the dream within the first five minutes.

Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water. John 7:38b

Apply those words of Jesus to your dream. Learn to tune to the flow that is coming out of your heart.

When interpreting a dream

♦ Quiet yourself down.
♦ Fix your eyes on Jesus.
♦ Picture the dream.
♦ Ask yourself what the symbols in the dream mean to you. The symbols will mean something specifically to you.
♦ Tune into the flow coming out of your heart.
♦ Write down those thoughts.
♦ Ask yourself what are the main actions in your dream. Ask yourself when those actions occurred in your life.
♦ Ask yourself what are the main emotions in your dream. Ask yourself how those emotions affect you. Where in your life are you experiencing that emotion.

Recurring dreams

Mark Vickler was traumatized as a child when his grandfather died.  He thought he might die the same way.  A demon of fear entered him.  He had a recurring bad dream about 5 times a week for years.  Finally, after he became an adult, the demon was cast out of him and the bad dreams stopped.

Hear the story in the video below.


Warning dreams

There are many different categories of dreams from God.  One category is the warning dream.   The dream can be a consequence of an action.  A different action can cause an avoidance of the events of the dream.

For instance, Nebuchadnezzar had a terrible dream in Daniel 2.  Daniel told him that he could avoid the event if he repented of his pride.  A year passed.  He did not repent.  The events in his dream came to pass.

Watch the related YouTube video below.


Writer gets movie script from dream

The screen writer for the movie, The Ultimate Gift received the script from a series of 70 dreams.  Another dream she had said that a friend wanted to commit suicide.  She ministered to her friend who then changed her mind.

Hear more in the video below.


Changing career because of a dream

Suzanne was in nursing school.  She had 3 dreams saying that her career choice should be dancing rather than nursing.  The first dream saw her friends all in nursing uniforms and she was wearing dance clothes.  After the third dream she decided to start a dance academy.  It was very successful.

Hear more in the video below.


Watch Mark Virkler’s complete interview with Sid Roth from his It’s Supernatural television show.

Hear five audio interviews with further information about dream interpretation.


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